Wedding Video: Edward & Kiran

Edward & Kiran will always treasure Dec 15th, 2012 for it is surely one of the happiest days of their lives, and I’m not saying it as a cliche. You will know why as you scroll down these beautiful stills that I took from our video clips. All smiles, all laughters, all happy faces! It was a fun-filled day, and though we were on the job as their wedding videographers, we very much felt as though we were their guests, being entertained throughout the day!

It all happened at Park Royal Hotel at Penang, a beautiful hotel by the beach of Batu Feringgi. The garden is just gorgeous, with the waves of the ocean hitting the shore, it felt like paradise! You can check out the setup of the garden wedding in the photos below.

It felt more than just a celebration of love, but of people with different cultural backgrounds. Edward is an Indonesian whose family, together with him, moved from Indonesia to Australia about 10 years ago. Kiran, on the other hand, is a Malaysian who has been in Australia for the past few years. She has an Indian dad, and a Chinese mom! How interesting is the whole mix, eh? 😀

And one more interesting fact is how we met Edward and Kiran! We were actually referred to them by our churchmates, Jon C, and Yvonne, who recently moved to Adelaide, Australia. Edward, Kiran, Jon C, and Yvonne are now churchmates over there! …and there’s more! Kiran and Yvonne have been staying in the same condominium in Penang without ever knowing each other! 😀 God somehow tied us altogether from the beginning, didn’t He?

When we arrived at the hotel, Edward was kicked out of the room just so Kiran can prepare herself. So we took shots of Edward around the hotel, and why not, when the hotel’s so beautiful, right?

Oh, what’s that his dad is putting on? It’s an heirloom! Check out how beautiful the ring is!

Edward has quite a story with his best man and groomsman. They came from way back, and it’s all musical! Yes, check out these cufflinks Edward gave Aaron, his best man, and Erwin, his groomsman. An interesting fact… Aaron, wasn’t just the best man to Edward, but he was truly the BEST man of the night at the reception! His dance moves really wow-ed everyone, and got lotsa girls swooned! ;D

Kiran is never ever not smiling! That’s right! She’s bubbly, always all smiles, all laughters, throughout the day, throughout the night! And it’s contagious as everyone around her was happy, even serving her… Okay, not serving, but helping her 😉 She’s got a beautiful smile, doesn’t she? ;D

As she walked down the aisle led by the flower girl, the page boy, her bridesmaids, Gaby and Cornie, and accompanied by her father, it is also the first time Edward sees her on that day! They made that a point, and I strongly believe this “first look” should be in any wedding! It’s always great to see the groom’s expression, marrying the love of his life who’s also most beautiful on their very wedding day!

Here are some beautiful photos of the solemnization and the exchanging of vows at the altar.

The reception was ROCKED by Jazz Hats (link) who has been rocking the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang! Led by Ray, the band WOW-ed and got the guests at the reception up on their feet for some dancing! It won’t be a party if there wasn’t the “train”, and it went a few rounds too! 😀 Oh ya, what’s a wedding without the Oppa Gangnam Style nowadays, eh? Ray blended a few lines of that famous song in his performance!

Oh yes, even Edward’s mom got to her feet and danced!

They did a GREAT job, but one of the most memorable performances of the night is from none other than the groom himself. He performed a number to the huge applause from the guests, and got his bride all excited! Jazz Hats took it from there, and they celebrated their first dance. How romantic!

What a wonderful night! And this little girl very much agrees to it 😉 Just can’t resist not putting her here, hehe! Stay tuned for more, and I mean it, MORE from this wedding, for real! You can follow us on Facebook too, via

Wedding Video: Lee Aun & Joanne

Lovely, just lovely! We’re honored to be given the opportunity to shoot Lee Aun & Joanne’s wedding ceremony at E&O Hotel, Penang. It was held at the garden, just by the sea, with her Premium Suite just by the side of it. With that said, the red carpet is laid from her room to the altar! That’s one very interesting highlight of this beautiful wedding!

Joanne is actually an ex-colleague of ours who is working in Intel. She’s one active person who’s involved in various events including I Love Intel, and the Intel 40th Anniversary, which is really where we met and worked together before, despite being in different departments. Lee Aun, on the other hand, works in Intel too, but I’ve yet to meet him, and my oh my, he’s such a character! He’s a bubbly person, always smiling, always laughing, and one very cheeky person 😉 Here’s a still of him posing with his mom and friends.

The wedding ceremony went ahead despite slight drizzles just moments before the bridal party walked down the aisle. Thank God for holding up the rain, and granting us a breezy, cooling weather! Leading the bridal party are two talented musicians on violins, both of whom, with their parents, were also featured in Mabel & Kennon’s wedding. They are very popular among weddings in Penang. Here’s the link to their Facebook Page.

And just how cute is the flower girl and page boy? She took smaller steps, looked into the camera, and smiled when she saw us snapping and shooting away! 😉

Lee Aun can be seen here encouraging the bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle. He’s one very fun person!

And here comes the bride! Joanne, looking great as she walks down the aisle with her mother.

Joanne’s mom, as she passes Joanne’s hand to Lee Aun at the altar added a few words for him, which I find it very cute! “Lee Aun, promise me that you will let Joanne be happy and love her forever and ever”… It led to a huge applause from the friends and family! :)

I shall save the vows for the wedding highlights, so stay tuned! ;P But here’re shots of their first kiss as husband and wife… Love Lee Aun’s expressions in all these! 😀

And to end this post, the “tango kiss” which Lee Aun initiated, that caught Joanne off guard! Haha!

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Wedding Video: Gary & Pei Yuen

We shot Gary & Pei Yuen’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, so the wedding highlights is not quite ready yet, but we can’t wait to share with you their beautiful wedding, and thus, this photo blog of frames taken directly from our video clips! His place is situated at Bukit Tunku, and from the address, you can tell that it’s one hilly area, and posh too! Here’s his beautiful house, all decorated for the wedding, and that’s also where the ceremony took place.

While my partner started at Pei Yuen’s place, I started at Gary’s place. It’s nice to see the family all up, helping one another getting ready, with Heng Tais creating a celebratory atmosphere. These photos really do tell how close his parents are to him :) Love the shot where his mom actually had to tip-toe to give her son a peck on the cheek :)

In Pei Yuen’s camp, she’s getting ready to have her prince pick her up, and what more to do than to make sure she’s the most beautiful person of the day! And to describe her in one word, smiley! She’s always smiley as you can see from the photos below, herself with a flower of her choice, the orchid, which she bought the whole pot just for this one flower, and the next, with her parents putting on the veil for her.

As soon as Gary arrives, Chi Muis got the show running, with the very popular gate crashing game, doing the Oppa Gangnam Style dance! The Heng Tais were really sporting, even putting on the black frames, and moustache!

Wait till you check out the videos of this scene! Lotsa laughters, lotsa madness! You’d be wondering why the Heng Tai on the floor, most right, is so red. You’ll soon see why! And when he’s all done with all sorts of obstacles organised by the Chi Muis, he gets his well deserved prize, his bride, Pei Yeun, whom he had the privilege to have her hand in marriage from her father at the ceremony.

And when the Pastor asked Gary to greet (yes, to greet!) his wife, he unveiled her, gave her a kiss, well, THE kiss that sealed the deal! Now, man and wife, Mr and Mrs Gary Lee!

We managed to squeeze in a few shots right after because we just couldn’t resist the surrounding areas… Here’re a few shots to be mesmerized!

The reception was held at The Westin Hotel at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It’s our first time there, and we must say that the first thing that wow-ed us was the  lightings in the ballroom. We’ve never been so happy! And the next thing we took notice was the cake! It’s very modern, and definitely a rare one!

As she dressed up again for the toasting ceremony, she glows with the champagne!

Last, but definitely not least, cause it’s one of the most important elements of a wedding, the wedding rings. Loved that it’s carved Gary & Pei Yuen inside of it!

Photographers: Johan & Weiming

Videographers: Euwing & Partner

Hotel: Westin at Kuala Lumpur

Wedding Video: Kevin & Jinny

This video started very emotionally, yet risky, but I know for a fact that he is only so emotional because he loves his parents very much, and that’s why I decided to edit it this way. It’s beautiful Empire Hotel in Subang, with great backdrop to the stage, and an extraordinary ceiling! Ragu, one of the four “clowns” (really the groomsmen) led the way throughout, and it was one very fun wedding! We hope you’ll enjoy it as much as we shot and edited this piece!

Wedding Video: Maid of Honour’s Speech

After posting up the Best Man’s speech, someone actually asked for a speech from a Maid of Honor, and I thought I’d share this one, a combo! It’s interesting how the Americans love our “yam seng” culture 😉 He just couldn’t stop “yam seng”-ing throughout the night! And yes, she talks really fast, but it’s such a sweet message, right? :)

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Wedding Video: Best Man’s Speech

This is a rare post! Hehe, especially not from a wedding videographer’s blog 😉 Well, firstly, we thought this was a great speech; it’s hilarious, it’s funny, it’s meaningful, and it’s definitely memorable! Secondly, once again, this video, just like the few that we’ve posted recently, shows that we record all happenings of your wedding to its entirety for keepsake purposes. The bride and groom would definitely want to re-watch this a couple of times, just to drill down exactly what he said, and then decide on the revenge 😉 Haha! And of course, best men have always had an issue coming up with a speech for their groom, so this is one very good example I thought is very worth sharing, and learning from. Finally, who doesn’t love laughing, eh? 😉 Enjoy it!

Photo Booth: Asian Heroes

Finally got back from Langkawi for a shoot, and I thought it’d be good to do a little update. Well, basically, here’re the high-res photos taken at the Asian Heroes Awards Dinner. Check it out, and note that because there was already a backdrop logo, we didn’t have to insert any watermark, but we do provide that as part of our service. Check out the last couple of photos for the watermark from another recent event.

We just got back from KL’s Life Centre, a hotspot in KL which was just recently renovated, located very near to Pavilion and such… New restaurants, new entertainment, and there’s this new place known as KL Live, and tonight, it’s packed with employees from Accenture, celebrating 10 years of greatness with the theme, Asian Heroes, Awards Dinner 2012. It was a blast, with lotsa fun and entertaining performances, from Wonder Girl’s Nobody to PSY’s Oppa Gangnam Style… Well, they changed it to Oppa SWF Style, where SWF is the name of the department celebrating this wonderful night.

Wonderful theme, and a wonderful backdrop

The stage, which very much suits a stand-up comedy, eh? Beautiful indeed!

So, what has this got to do with anything with With Love? We were there to host the Photo Booth! What’s it? It’s where we  setup a camera, have a beautiful backdrop that matches your event, or even your wedding, and have guests snap photographs there, but that’s not all, we provide props, and have the photos printed on the spot! That’s right! All guests would love to have a souvenir, and the employees of Accenture really did, and besides that, had lotsa fun! They were laughing at others for being so dressed up with wigs, pistols, the devil’s fork, huge photo frames and even an ultraman toy, haha! And best of all, they were laughing at themselves for being so silly, but nevertheless, it was truly all smiles! Photos will show, and I’ll upload them very soon, but here’s a few taken from my iPhone 4 with Instagram, so please excuse the quality, thanks!

Enjoy it as much as we did! And remember, you can always check us our at our Facebook Page, or contact us at for more information!

One of many photos taken! This was snapped with my iPhone from my DSLR’s screen. We’ll be uploading the higher res shots very soon!

We had 2 printers setup, and a wireless connection from the camera to the laptop, allowing full automation from snapping right to printing, with no hassle at all! Speedy prints, that’s what we like to call it!

Guests checking out their printed photos…

Wedding Video: Janice Yap

Janice Yap (, a well known local artiste, has been featured on many newspapers, magazines and even TV! She’s the sister to the groom, Kenny, whose wedding highlight was recently featured on our blog. When she took the stage, we thought, oh well, another performance, but it’s NOT just another performance! It’s a stunning one, and literally left me with my eyes wide opened and jaws dropped! Her voice is great, and it mesmerized the crowd of a few hundred guests! Thank God we managed to capture the performance in its entirety. I’m sure it’s a piece of memory that Kenny and Pek Yee would like to re-live in the distant future.

With that said, this is one of many clips that we produce for our clients in the 2-3 hrs edited and compiled footages. It’s to ensure that anything and everything that happens on your special day gets re-lived again through video, whether it’s performances like this, or speeches, or even the ceremony by the beach or at the garden. We want our clients to have the chance to watch it all again, and share it with families and friends, even their children and grand children in the future!

We’ve got another short clip from Kenny and Pek Yee’s reception to share, so stay tuned!

Wedding Video: Kenny & Pek Yee

This highlight has many firsts, and we can’t wait to share ’em with you!

Firstly, the bride and groom got started at 4am, yes, amazingly early, which meant that most of the Heng Tais and Chi Muis barely had time to sleep from partying the night before! 😛 It was all dark even after tea ceremony at Kenny’s place!

Secondly, it’s our first time to use a song from an actual performance on that night! Kenny’s sister, Janice Yap, is one great singer, and we just couldn’t resist using it at the start of the video…

And finally, also the best part of it all, Kenny and Pek Yee requested to have some sorta music video incorporated, so we spend a good 30 mins with all their friends, and even his relatives singing the song. Really fun, really cute when you see older people singing and dancing along!

This is definitely one of the most enjoyable weddings that we’ve shot, and because of the nature of the wedding, we will be uploading the full performances of the night, especially the one where Kenny’s siblings, including Malaysia’s very own Feng Shui Master, Joey Yap, rocked the stage! Stay tuned!

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