Photo Booth: Kishore & Michelle-Ann

Our latest photo booth was held at one of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Penang. It was placed at the Marble Hall of Suffolk House. Although we’ve done photo booths for weddings, Kishore & Michelle-Ann’s request for the photo booth was different, and interesting!

Firstly, it wasn’t with the cloth backdrop that we offer. Instead, they wanted a customized backdrop. It was a huge 8 feet by 12 feet backdrop of blue skies and white clouds. Then there’s an aeroplane on the left corner and a trailing banner on the right. And the most impressive part of the whole backdrop was Michelle-Ann’s rental of a trishaw! All that come together to match their travel wedding theme. Lots of work, I must say, but it’s always great to do something challenging!

The photo booth was set for 2 hours, and despite that, we manage to snap almost 100 photos and printed more than 300 photos! Guests kept asking for more prints, and we were delighted when told that the photos were beautiful and that the whole idea is just amazing! They were surprised how fast and easy the whole system works!

Check out the photos here… And oh yes, there was a local celebrity in the house! Daphne Iking, sister to the bride, was present. You can read more about her here:





Daphne Iking and family







Wedding Video: Yun Si & Robert

Because Yun Si and Robert are based in Sydney, Australia, we had a few emails, and soon, she came back to Penang and we had a chance to meet up face to face. Instead of meeting at a public place, Yun Si suggested to meet at our office, which is really our home. I was surprised, but didn’t mind because it was all more casual and more personal. When she came, she was kind enough to give us a packet of biscuits from Australia! The discussion went really well, and soon, she confirmed us, and we had a few more meetings, all of which Yun Si was generous enough to treat us, whether it was at her place, or over dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Yun Si is definitely the most generous person, and not just a client, that we’ve ever met! 😀

Robert, on the other hand, is more relaxed, easy-going kinda person. Always smiley, always patient, very loving, and you can tell he loves Yun Si lots! Kisses galore on the actual wedding day! ;D These two make such a perfect couple and I’m sure they will enjoy each other’s company till the end of time! That’s what a marriage is all about, eh? Marry your best friend! 😀

Wedding Video: Eu Loong & Jade

As some of you may know, we were on a backpacking trip to the Middle East and Europe from Feb to May 2013. You can actually read a few of our blog entries here: Even though we were away for almost three months, we were constantly online, especially so when potential clients continuously contact us. This was the case with Eu Loong and Jade. After a couple of emails, and while we were in Athens, Greece, we made a Skype call to the couple, discussed their wedding day, and very quickly, got all things confirmed! It was the first of many weddings that we confirmed while we were on our trip. Thank God for the many blessings! 😀

Eu Loong and Jade are now based in London, England but she spent a lot of time in Australia for her education previously. With both their roots in Penang, and with this little island situated in the middle of both England and Australia, it’s the perfect location! And speaking of location, the wedding ceremony was held at the St George’s Church, one of the 50 National Treasures of Malaysia! It’s also the oldest Anglican Church in South East Asia, built in 1816, which is almost 300 years ago! Wow! Imagine the number of weddings that have taken place ever since! It’s timeless! Check out these photos:




Although the couple have been away from Penang for so many years, the church hall was filled with friends and family. Despite a few restrictions set by the church because it is a sacred place, we still managed to get great shots of the walk in, of the bride and her father, and shots of the priest conducting the ceremony.

Eu Loong was nervously waiting for the bride to arrive

Eu Loong was nervously waiting for the bride to arrive


Great smile, Jade!


The bridal party looks on as praise and worship begins


After being pronounced Mr and Mrs Eu Loong!


Signing the marriage book of St George’s Church. This church has such a history that it is so wonderful to be a part of it!


The newly weds prepare to walk out


He’s one happily married man!

After the wedding ceremony at the beautiful St George’s Church, we headed to where the venue of the wedding reception is, the E&O Hotel! It’s one of the most beautiful hotels in Penang! It has a seafront view, with a garden, if are planning for a wedding ceremony outdoors. Instead, Jade used the garden for tea ceremony. It was lovely! :)

MVI_9450 Preparation






E&O Hotel is also where Jade prepared for her big day! I know, the order seemed reversed. I wasn’t going to post them but after looking at them again, I just can’t resist myself! Check it out here:





Isn’t it lovely? 😀 We can’t wait to get the highlights out! I’ll update this post when it’s up, so stay tuned for it here, or follow us at our Facebook Page: Thank you for reading! 😀

Photo Booth: Yun Si & Robert


Our photo booth for Yun Si and Robert’s wedding was a massive hit! It was a wedding that was held on July 6th, 2013 at the E&O Hotel! Coincidentally, it was our third wedding there in four weeks! Our clients sure love E&O Hotel! 😀 Well, they really do have a great venue, especially their garden, so if you haven’t already decided on a venue, check them out!

Anyway, back to our photo booth! Guests were treated with loads of props include crowns, tiaras, spectacles, wigs, hats, feather boas, photo frames, a guitar and even a butcher’s knife! To match with the couple’s theme colour, we had a dark red cloth as the backdrop which proved to be really striking!

The photos were printed in 4R size on the spot by our automated system! Yes, on the spot, which means immediately, so guests were able to bring home their prints! And when I say automated system, it’s truly automated! All Chris, our photo booth attendant, had to do was just snap, and the photo will be sent over from the camera to our system, and the printing starts! By the couple’s choice, the system puts in the watermark which includes the monogram of the couple, and it prints two copies automatically! If you want to increase that number, let us know and we can make it default! Guests are able to reprint on the spot too! Just inform the attendant and he’ll do the necessary! Printing with three printers also means no traffic jam! You’re almost certain to get your shot within a couple of minutes.

Our next offering is a guest book! It sure is boring just having your guests sign a book, but with this guest book that we’re offering, guests can stick photos from the photo booth and write a message for you. It’s gonna be one very fun yet memorable guest book that will bring smiles in years to come!

Alright, enough of typing, check out these photos!

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Wedding Video: Jeffrey & May

Jeffrey and May’s wedding is one to be remembered, and blogged, and why? Decor, decor, decor! May certainly did a great job with the decor of the whole wedding, especially the wedding ceremony held at Luther Centre in Petaling Jaya, and that’d be why I’ll focus on just the ceremony. Read on, and scroll down to check out what I mean :)

The day started in the Hilton Hotel at Petaling Jaya, which, thankfully, is just a few minutes from the Luther Centre. It’s always great to have locations nearby just so we have more time shooting, less time travelling, and even if we get lost, it won’t be much time lost! 😛 But well, with GPS, and no, not the iOS Maps, but Waze (, there’s almost no way we can get lost! :)

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iOS App: Guestbook for Photo Booths

Another day, another app released! This time, the Guestbook, which works perfectly well with our Photo Booths. You can check it out here: Don’t be despair with the price as that’s the price for Photo Booth operators. If you’d like to hire us for Photo Booths ( and want the Guestbook to be a part of the whole package, let us know as we can do an add-on for you.

So, what is it?

Photo booths are a must-have for events, but what about the traditional guestbooks? They are certainly outdated. This is where Guestbook comes in. With this app, you can view photos taken from a photo booth, and then allow your guests to type in messages about the photos. After the event, you can retrieve all the messages for keepsake purposes, such as printing a photo book!

The wallpaper of the app can be customised to match your event! Just download the template from us, design your own wallpaper, and send it back to us! We can get it onto the app with ease!

Wanna know more? Drop us an email at :)


iOS App: QRCoder – Reader and Generator

Update: QRCoder has been downloaded more than 1,200 times on the App Store!

QRCoder ( stands out from all the other QR code readers in the market because it is both a reader and a generator of QR codes. That’s right, you can generate it right in your phone, whether it is a Website URL, E-mail Address, Telephone Number or Regular Text. After generating, you can save the QR code, share it on Mail, Twitter or Facebook. As a reader, just scan any QR code and you’ll be able to save the image, share the image with the text, or even copy the text to the clipboard.

QRCoder can also be used for customized QR codes. At this moment, it supports GIMME!. If you’d like it to support other QR codes, please drop us an email at

Splash Screen

Splash Screen









iOS App: Excel Point Community Church

Our second app has just been approved by Apple! You can find it at the App Store here:, or search for “epcc” on your iPhone/iPod.

This is the app for Excel Point Community Church which is based in Penang, Malaysia. With this free app, you are able to access various information about the church such as the latest news, weekly sermon podcasts, Grace Life Radio podcasts, cell study guides, information about the many ministries in which you can serve in, and loads more! Updated information is just a pull away! Just pull down the the tables to refresh the data! You’re also able to share all of these resources on your favourite social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This app also has notification built-in, so do enable it when prompted.

Grace Life Radio





Ministry Information

iOS App: Blackout!

Our very first app is a game! What’s more fun that to get a game onto the App Store, right? You can check it out here: or search for “blackout malaysia” on the App Store.

Malaysia’s 13th General Election, or better known as GE13, may have come and gone but the blackout on May 5th 2013 will always be remembered! Whether it really happened or not is still a question many are asking, but we should prepare ourselves for GE14! Train yourself to be prepared for such blackouts by identifying and counting the ballots before and after the blackout! It’s that simple!

Screenshot (1136x640) 2Screenshot (1136x640) 2.5Screenshot (1136x640) 3