Photo Booth: Kishore & Michelle-Ann

Our latest photo booth was held at one of many UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Penang. It was placed at the Marble Hall of Suffolk House. Although we’ve done photo booths for weddings, Kishore & Michelle-Ann’s request for the photo booth was different, and interesting!

Firstly, it wasn’t with the cloth backdrop that we offer. Instead, they wanted a customized backdrop. It was a huge 8 feet by 12 feet backdrop of blue skies and white clouds. Then there’s an aeroplane on the left corner and a trailing banner on the right. And the most impressive part of the whole backdrop was Michelle-Ann’s rental of a trishaw! All that come together to match their travel wedding theme. Lots of work, I must say, but it’s always great to do something challenging!

The photo booth was set for 2 hours, and despite that, we manage to snap almost 100 photos and printed more than 300 photos! Guests kept asking for more prints, and we were delighted when told that the photos were beautiful and that the whole idea is just amazing! They were surprised how fast and easy the whole system works!

Check out the photos here… And oh yes, there was a local celebrity in the house! Daphne Iking, sister to the bride, was present. You can read more about her here:





Daphne Iking and family







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