Wedding Video: Yun Si & Robert

Because Yun Si and Robert are based in Sydney, Australia, we had a few emails, and soon, she came back to Penang and we had a chance to meet up face to face. Instead of meeting at a public place, Yun Si suggested to meet at our office, which is really our home. I was surprised, but didn’t mind because it was all more casual and more personal. When she came, she was kind enough to give us a packet of biscuits from Australia! The discussion went really well, and soon, she confirmed us, and we had a few more meetings, all of which Yun Si was generous enough to treat us, whether it was at her place, or over dinner at a Chinese restaurant. Yun Si is definitely the most generous person, and not just a client, that we’ve ever met! 😀

Robert, on the other hand, is more relaxed, easy-going kinda person. Always smiley, always patient, very loving, and you can tell he loves Yun Si lots! Kisses galore on the actual wedding day! ;D These two make such a perfect couple and I’m sure they will enjoy each other’s company till the end of time! That’s what a marriage is all about, eh? Marry your best friend! 😀

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