Wedding Video: Eu Loong & Jade

As some of you may know, we were on a backpacking trip to the Middle East and Europe from Feb to May 2013. You can actually read a few of our blog entries here: Even though we were away for almost three months, we were constantly online, especially so when potential clients continuously contact us. This was the case with Eu Loong and Jade. After a couple of emails, and while we were in Athens, Greece, we made a Skype call to the couple, discussed their wedding day, and very quickly, got all things confirmed! It was the first of many weddings that we confirmed while we were on our trip. Thank God for the many blessings! 😀

Eu Loong and Jade are now based in London, England but she spent a lot of time in Australia for her education previously. With both their roots in Penang, and with this little island situated in the middle of both England and Australia, it’s the perfect location! And speaking of location, the wedding ceremony was held at the St George’s Church, one of the 50 National Treasures of Malaysia! It’s also the oldest Anglican Church in South East Asia, built in 1816, which is almost 300 years ago! Wow! Imagine the number of weddings that have taken place ever since! It’s timeless! Check out these photos:




Although the couple have been away from Penang for so many years, the church hall was filled with friends and family. Despite a few restrictions set by the church because it is a sacred place, we still managed to get great shots of the walk in, of the bride and her father, and shots of the priest conducting the ceremony.

Eu Loong was nervously waiting for the bride to arrive

Eu Loong was nervously waiting for the bride to arrive


Great smile, Jade!


The bridal party looks on as praise and worship begins


After being pronounced Mr and Mrs Eu Loong!


Signing the marriage book of St George’s Church. This church has such a history that it is so wonderful to be a part of it!


The newly weds prepare to walk out


He’s one happily married man!

After the wedding ceremony at the beautiful St George’s Church, we headed to where the venue of the wedding reception is, the E&O Hotel! It’s one of the most beautiful hotels in Penang! It has a seafront view, with a garden, if are planning for a wedding ceremony outdoors. Instead, Jade used the garden for tea ceremony. It was lovely! :)

MVI_9450 Preparation






E&O Hotel is also where Jade prepared for her big day! I know, the order seemed reversed. I wasn’t going to post them but after looking at them again, I just can’t resist myself! Check it out here:





Isn’t it lovely? 😀 We can’t wait to get the highlights out! I’ll update this post when it’s up, so stay tuned for it here, or follow us at our Facebook Page: Thank you for reading! 😀

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