Wedding Video: Jeffrey & May

Jeffrey and May’s wedding is one to be remembered, and blogged, and why? Decor, decor, decor! May certainly did a great job with the decor of the whole wedding, especially the wedding ceremony held at Luther Centre in Petaling Jaya, and that’d be why I’ll focus on just the ceremony. Read on, and scroll down to check out what I mean :)

The day started in the Hilton Hotel at Petaling Jaya, which, thankfully, is just a few minutes from the Luther Centre. It’s always great to have locations nearby just so we have more time shooting, less time travelling, and even if we get lost, it won’t be much time lost! 😛 But well, with GPS, and no, not the iOS Maps, but Waze (, there’s almost no way we can get lost! :)

5 Environment - Hotel

Firstly, the shoes, and wait, not just on the front of the shoe, but the back too. It’s covered with super cool bling-blings that actually say, “I Do” :) Now that’s what I call special! :)

29 Shoes

4 Shoes

May is a very smiley girl, but what was truly memorable is that she loves taking photographers, and yes, taking, and not being taken! She was snapping away with her mobile phone, and during the day, after the wedding ceremony, but before the wedding reception, she came into our working room, where the photographer, Louis Pang (, and I were working on our Same Day Edits. She was snapping away, making sure that we’re really working 😉 Thankfully, we were REALLY working 😉 Hehe!

25 Prep

27 Prep

Her bridesmaid all prepared themselves at Hilton as well, in shiny purple dresses of different designs, with bouquet of flowers that match. It was very well coordinated! Beautiful, aren’t they?

26 Prep


And now, the main reason for blogging this very special wedding, the wedding decor at the Luther Centre! It’s really a church at Petaling Jaya, just a couple of blocks away from Armada Hotel, heading towards the Federal Highway, but indeed a very modern one. The place itself is beautiful, but with the decor, it’s extremely pretty, and I can safely say that it challenges any garden wedding! But of course, all these come with a price, and only Jeffrey and May know 😉

7 Environment - Church

8 Environment - Church

10 Decor

And this is where the couple would be seated during the ceremony, for Mr, and Mrs, with real flowers arranged in J and M for Jeffrey and May. The one very interesting idea is the use of ribbons almost everywhere, and not just any ribbon, but one that’s very much specialized. I’m sure you’ve seen this before, and probably plan to only use it for your wedding favours, but if you’re doing church weddings, why don’t also do the following? :)

11 Ribbon

16 Ribbon

12 Ribbon

The first two shots show what we call the bulletin. It’s really an A4 paper or a couple of ’em, folded into half, and it contains information about the wedding, usually the people involved in the wedding, the lyrics to the worship songs that will be sung, and a thank you note to all who are present. The ribbon is used as the binder of the papers.

The third shot shows the ring tied together with the Bible. Usually, the page boy marches in with the rings tied onto a pillow, but this is not a bad idea, to use the Bible, the Word of God as a base instead, to represent that the Word of God is the foundation of the wedding which is being represented by the rings. Interesting!

A church wedding usually includes the unity candle, or the unity sand, to symbolise the two becoming one. For Jeffrey and May’s case, they selected the unity candle. Firstly, both mothers will light the two smaller candles placed on the side, representing their child. The bride and groom will then pick up the smaller candles, and light the bigger one at the center, representing two flames becoming one at the center. You can read more about it here:

20 Candle

21 Candle

Another significant item on the agenda of a church wedding is the appreciation of both parents, the ones who brought up the bride and groom till the very day when they leave their parents to be together, their wedding day. It’s actually an act of the 5th Commandment, which really tells us to honor our father and mother. You can read more about the Ten Commandments here: Jeffrey and May presented to their parents a bouquet of flowers, but before that, they shared a little something…something so truly touching that brought them to tears. Check out the Same Day Edit for more of what Jeffrey and May said, but these shots truly tell a lot!

22 Appreciation

23 Appreciation

Right after the wedding ceremony, the guests adjourned to a nearby room where buffet lunch was served. It’s a very cute setup, with balloons and little favours for each and everyone. It’s a little pail with real soil and grass in it, with 2 choc pops, and a sign pop with the J&M logo. It’s all according to the theme colour too!

2 Environment - Church

14 Decor

13 Decor

Isn’t this a very well planned and thought out wedding? It’s all the very little things that makes a wedding so very special, but yes, careful planning, execution, and of course, budgeting is required! But it’s all worthwhile, and what more, since it only happens once a lifetime, right? 😉 Hang in there for another blog post on the decor for the wedding reception at The Westin Hotel in Kuala Lumpur!

All the best in planning your wedding, and I hope you got a tip or two from here! God bless you!

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