iOS App: Guestbook for Photo Booths

Another day, another app released! This time, the Guestbook, which works perfectly well with our Photo Booths. You can check it out here: Don’t be despair with the price as that’s the price for Photo Booth operators. If you’d like to hire us for Photo Booths ( and want the Guestbook to be a part of the whole package, let us know as we can do an add-on for you.

So, what is it?

Photo booths are a must-have for events, but what about the traditional guestbooks? They are certainly outdated. This is where Guestbook comes in. With this app, you can view photos taken from a photo booth, and then allow your guests to type in messages about the photos. After the event, you can retrieve all the messages for keepsake purposes, such as printing a photo book!

The wallpaper of the app can be customised to match your event! Just download the template from us, design your own wallpaper, and send it back to us! We can get it onto the app with ease!

Wanna know more? Drop us an email at :)


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