iOS App: Guestbook for Photo Booths

Another day, another app released! This time, the Guestbook, which works perfectly well with our Photo Booths. You can check it out here: Don’t be despair with the price as that’s the price for Photo Booth operators. If you’d like to hire us for Photo Booths ( and want the Guestbook to be a part of the whole package, let us know as we can do an add-on for you.

So, what is it?

Photo booths are a must-have for events, but what about the traditional guestbooks? They are certainly outdated. This is where Guestbook comes in. With this app, you can view photos taken from a photo booth, and then allow your guests to type in messages about the photos. After the event, you can retrieve all the messages for keepsake purposes, such as printing a photo book!

The wallpaper of the app can be customised to match your event! Just download the template from us, design your own wallpaper, and send it back to us! We can get it onto the app with ease!

Wanna know more? Drop us an email at :)


iOS App: QRCoder – Reader and Generator

Update: QRCoder has been downloaded more than 1,200 times on the App Store!

QRCoder ( stands out from all the other QR code readers in the market because it is both a reader and a generator of QR codes. That’s right, you can generate it right in your phone, whether it is a Website URL, E-mail Address, Telephone Number or Regular Text. After generating, you can save the QR code, share it on Mail, Twitter or Facebook. As a reader, just scan any QR code and you’ll be able to save the image, share the image with the text, or even copy the text to the clipboard.

QRCoder can also be used for customized QR codes. At this moment, it supports GIMME!. If you’d like it to support other QR codes, please drop us an email at

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iOS App: Excel Point Community Church

Our second app has just been approved by Apple! You can find it at the App Store here:, or search for “epcc” on your iPhone/iPod.

This is the app for Excel Point Community Church which is based in Penang, Malaysia. With this free app, you are able to access various information about the church such as the latest news, weekly sermon podcasts, Grace Life Radio podcasts, cell study guides, information about the many ministries in which you can serve in, and loads more! Updated information is just a pull away! Just pull down the the tables to refresh the data! You’re also able to share all of these resources on your favourite social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. This app also has notification built-in, so do enable it when prompted.

Grace Life Radio





Ministry Information

iOS App: Blackout!

Our very first app is a game! What’s more fun that to get a game onto the App Store, right? You can check it out here: or search for “blackout malaysia” on the App Store.

Malaysia’s 13th General Election, or better known as GE13, may have come and gone but the blackout on May 5th 2013 will always be remembered! Whether it really happened or not is still a question many are asking, but we should prepare ourselves for GE14! Train yourself to be prepared for such blackouts by identifying and counting the ballots before and after the blackout! It’s that simple!

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