Wedding Video: Edward & Kiran

Edward & Kiran will always treasure Dec 15th, 2012 for it is surely one of the happiest days of their lives, and I’m not saying it as a cliche. You will know why as you scroll down these beautiful stills that I took from our video clips. All smiles, all laughters, all happy faces! It was a fun-filled day, and though we were on the job as their wedding videographers, we very much felt as though we were their guests, being entertained throughout the day!

It all happened at Park Royal Hotel at Penang, a beautiful hotel by the beach of Batu Feringgi. The garden is just gorgeous, with the waves of the ocean hitting the shore, it felt like paradise! You can check out the setup of the garden wedding in the photos below.

It felt more than just a celebration of love, but of people with different cultural backgrounds. Edward is an Indonesian whose family, together with him, moved from Indonesia to Australia about 10 years ago. Kiran, on the other hand, is a Malaysian who has been in Australia for the past few years. She has an Indian dad, and a Chinese mom! How interesting is the whole mix, eh? 😀

And one more interesting fact is how we met Edward and Kiran! We were actually referred to them by our churchmates, Jon C, and Yvonne, who recently moved to Adelaide, Australia. Edward, Kiran, Jon C, and Yvonne are now churchmates over there! …and there’s more! Kiran and Yvonne have been staying in the same condominium in Penang without ever knowing each other! 😀 God somehow tied us altogether from the beginning, didn’t He?

When we arrived at the hotel, Edward was kicked out of the room just so Kiran can prepare herself. So we took shots of Edward around the hotel, and why not, when the hotel’s so beautiful, right?

Oh, what’s that his dad is putting on? It’s an heirloom! Check out how beautiful the ring is!

Edward has quite a story with his best man and groomsman. They came from way back, and it’s all musical! Yes, check out these cufflinks Edward gave Aaron, his best man, and Erwin, his groomsman. An interesting fact… Aaron, wasn’t just the best man to Edward, but he was truly the BEST man of the night at the reception! His dance moves really wow-ed everyone, and got lotsa girls swooned! ;D

Kiran is never ever not smiling! That’s right! She’s bubbly, always all smiles, all laughters, throughout the day, throughout the night! And it’s contagious as everyone around her was happy, even serving her… Okay, not serving, but helping her 😉 She’s got a beautiful smile, doesn’t she? ;D

As she walked down the aisle led by the flower girl, the page boy, her bridesmaids, Gaby and Cornie, and accompanied by her father, it is also the first time Edward sees her on that day! They made that a point, and I strongly believe this “first look” should be in any wedding! It’s always great to see the groom’s expression, marrying the love of his life who’s also most beautiful on their very wedding day!

Here are some beautiful photos of the solemnization and the exchanging of vows at the altar.

The reception was ROCKED by Jazz Hats (link) who has been rocking the Hard Rock Hotel in Penang! Led by Ray, the band WOW-ed and got the guests at the reception up on their feet for some dancing! It won’t be a party if there wasn’t the “train”, and it went a few rounds too! 😀 Oh ya, what’s a wedding without the Oppa Gangnam Style nowadays, eh? Ray blended a few lines of that famous song in his performance!

Oh yes, even Edward’s mom got to her feet and danced!

They did a GREAT job, but one of the most memorable performances of the night is from none other than the groom himself. He performed a number to the huge applause from the guests, and got his bride all excited! Jazz Hats took it from there, and they celebrated their first dance. How romantic!

What a wonderful night! And this little girl very much agrees to it 😉 Just can’t resist not putting her here, hehe! Stay tuned for more, and I mean it, MORE from this wedding, for real! You can follow us on Facebook too, via

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