Wedding Video: Lee Aun & Joanne

Lovely, just lovely! We’re honored to be given the opportunity to shoot Lee Aun & Joanne’s wedding ceremony at E&O Hotel, Penang. It was held at the garden, just by the sea, with her Premium Suite just by the side of it. With that said, the red carpet is laid from her room to the altar! That’s one very interesting highlight of this beautiful wedding!

Joanne is actually an ex-colleague of ours who is working in Intel. She’s one active person who’s involved in various events including I Love Intel, and the Intel 40th Anniversary, which is really where we met and worked together before, despite being in different departments. Lee Aun, on the other hand, works in Intel too, but I’ve yet to meet him, and my oh my, he’s such a character! He’s a bubbly person, always smiling, always laughing, and one very cheeky person 😉 Here’s a still of him posing with his mom and friends.

The wedding ceremony went ahead despite slight drizzles just moments before the bridal party walked down the aisle. Thank God for holding up the rain, and granting us a breezy, cooling weather! Leading the bridal party are two talented musicians on violins, both of whom, with their parents, were also featured in Mabel & Kennon’s wedding. They are very popular among weddings in Penang. Here’s the link to their Facebook Page.

And just how cute is the flower girl and page boy? She took smaller steps, looked into the camera, and smiled when she saw us snapping and shooting away! 😉

Lee Aun can be seen here encouraging the bridesmaids as they walk down the aisle. He’s one very fun person!

And here comes the bride! Joanne, looking great as she walks down the aisle with her mother.

Joanne’s mom, as she passes Joanne’s hand to Lee Aun at the altar added a few words for him, which I find it very cute! “Lee Aun, promise me that you will let Joanne be happy and love her forever and ever”… It led to a huge applause from the friends and family! :)

I shall save the vows for the wedding highlights, so stay tuned! ;P But here’re shots of their first kiss as husband and wife… Love Lee Aun’s expressions in all these! 😀

And to end this post, the “tango kiss” which Lee Aun initiated, that caught Joanne off guard! Haha!

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