Wedding Video: Gary & Pei Yuen

We shot Gary & Pei Yuen’s wedding a couple of weeks ago, so the wedding highlights is not quite ready yet, but we can’t wait to share with you their beautiful wedding, and thus, this photo blog of frames taken directly from our video clips! His place is situated at Bukit Tunku, and from the address, you can tell that it’s one hilly area, and posh too! Here’s his beautiful house, all decorated for the wedding, and that’s also where the ceremony took place.

While my partner started at Pei Yuen’s place, I started at Gary’s place. It’s nice to see the family all up, helping one another getting ready, with Heng Tais creating a celebratory atmosphere. These photos really do tell how close his parents are to him :) Love the shot where his mom actually had to tip-toe to give her son a peck on the cheek :)

In Pei Yuen’s camp, she’s getting ready to have her prince pick her up, and what more to do than to make sure she’s the most beautiful person of the day! And to describe her in one word, smiley! She’s always smiley as you can see from the photos below, herself with a flower of her choice, the orchid, which she bought the whole pot just for this one flower, and the next, with her parents putting on the veil for her.

As soon as Gary arrives, Chi Muis got the show running, with the very popular gate crashing game, doing the Oppa Gangnam Style dance! The Heng Tais were really sporting, even putting on the black frames, and moustache!

Wait till you check out the videos of this scene! Lotsa laughters, lotsa madness! You’d be wondering why the Heng Tai on the floor, most right, is so red. You’ll soon see why! And when he’s all done with all sorts of obstacles organised by the Chi Muis, he gets his well deserved prize, his bride, Pei Yeun, whom he had the privilege to have her hand in marriage from her father at the ceremony.

And when the Pastor asked Gary to greet (yes, to greet!) his wife, he unveiled her, gave her a kiss, well, THE kiss that sealed the deal! Now, man and wife, Mr and Mrs Gary Lee!

We managed to squeeze in a few shots right after because we just couldn’t resist the surrounding areas… Here’re a few shots to be mesmerized!

The reception was held at The Westin Hotel at the heart of Kuala Lumpur. It’s our first time there, and we must say that the first thing that wow-ed us was the  lightings in the ballroom. We’ve never been so happy! And the next thing we took notice was the cake! It’s very modern, and definitely a rare one!

As she dressed up again for the toasting ceremony, she glows with the champagne!

Last, but definitely not least, cause it’s one of the most important elements of a wedding, the wedding rings. Loved that it’s carved Gary & Pei Yuen inside of it!

Photographers: Johan & Weiming

Videographers: Euwing & Partner

Hotel: Westin at Kuala Lumpur

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