Wedding Video: Best Man’s Speech

This is a rare post! Hehe, especially not from a wedding videographer’s blog 😉 Well, firstly, we thought this was a great speech; it’s hilarious, it’s funny, it’s meaningful, and it’s definitely memorable! Secondly, once again, this video, just like the few that we’ve posted recently, shows that we record all happenings of your wedding to its entirety for keepsake purposes. The bride and groom would definitely want to re-watch this a couple of times, just to drill down exactly what he said, and then decide on the revenge 😉 Haha! And of course, best men have always had an issue coming up with a speech for their groom, so this is one very good example I thought is very worth sharing, and learning from. Finally, who doesn’t love laughing, eh? 😉 Enjoy it!

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