Photo Booth: Asian Heroes

Finally got back from Langkawi for a shoot, and I thought it’d be good to do a little update. Well, basically, here’re the high-res photos taken at the Asian Heroes Awards Dinner. Check it out, and note that because there was already a backdrop logo, we didn’t have to insert any watermark, but we do provide that as part of our service. Check out the last couple of photos for the watermark from another recent event.

We just got back from KL’s Life Centre, a hotspot in KL which was just recently renovated, located very near to Pavilion and such… New restaurants, new entertainment, and there’s this new place known as KL Live, and tonight, it’s packed with employees from Accenture, celebrating 10 years of greatness with the theme, Asian Heroes, Awards Dinner 2012. It was a blast, with lotsa fun and entertaining performances, from Wonder Girl’s Nobody to PSY’s Oppa Gangnam Style… Well, they changed it to Oppa SWF Style, where SWF is the name of the department celebrating this wonderful night.

Wonderful theme, and a wonderful backdrop

The stage, which very much suits a stand-up comedy, eh? Beautiful indeed!

So, what has this got to do with anything with With Love? We were there to host the Photo Booth! What’s it? It’s where we  setup a camera, have a beautiful backdrop that matches your event, or even your wedding, and have guests snap photographs there, but that’s not all, we provide props, and have the photos printed on the spot! That’s right! All guests would love to have a souvenir, and the employees of Accenture really did, and besides that, had lotsa fun! They were laughing at others for being so dressed up with wigs, pistols, the devil’s fork, huge photo frames and even an ultraman toy, haha! And best of all, they were laughing at themselves for being so silly, but nevertheless, it was truly all smiles! Photos will show, and I’ll upload them very soon, but here’s a few taken from my iPhone 4 with Instagram, so please excuse the quality, thanks!

Enjoy it as much as we did! And remember, you can always check us our at our Facebook Page, or contact us at for more information!

One of many photos taken! This was snapped with my iPhone from my DSLR’s screen. We’ll be uploading the higher res shots very soon!

We had 2 printers setup, and a wireless connection from the camera to the laptop, allowing full automation from snapping right to printing, with no hassle at all! Speedy prints, that’s what we like to call it!

Guests checking out their printed photos…

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