Wedding Video: Kenny & Pek Yee

This highlight has many firsts, and we can’t wait to share ’em with you!

Firstly, the bride and groom got started at 4am, yes, amazingly early, which meant that most of the Heng Tais and Chi Muis barely had time to sleep from partying the night before! 😛 It was all dark even after tea ceremony at Kenny’s place!

Secondly, it’s our first time to use a song from an actual performance on that night! Kenny’s sister, Janice Yap, is one great singer, and we just couldn’t resist using it at the start of the video…

And finally, also the best part of it all, Kenny and Pek Yee requested to have some sorta music video incorporated, so we spend a good 30 mins with all their friends, and even his relatives singing the song. Really fun, really cute when you see older people singing and dancing along!

This is definitely one of the most enjoyable weddings that we’ve shot, and because of the nature of the wedding, we will be uploading the full performances of the night, especially the one where Kenny’s siblings, including Malaysia’s very own Feng Shui Master, Joey Yap, rocked the stage! Stay tuned!

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