Wedding Video: Roger & Cheryl

A beautiful wedding at Passion Road, Kuala Lumpur! Roger’s one very cheerful, very enthusiastic, and very contented person. You can see him feeling nervous throughout the day, but yet, very composed at the same time 😀 Cheryl, on the other hand, was very emotional throughout the ceremony, especially when sharing her personal vow, and even their first dance during the reception. Tears of joy were seen flowing, and thanks to a great bunch of Heng Tais and Chi Muis, it was indeed a very fun and yet memorable wedding… Enjoy!

Wedding Video: Mabel & Kennon

It was a fairytale wedding ceremony, held at the beautiful garden and beachside of Batu Feringgi, Penang, but yet, a very rock and roll wedding reception only cause it was at the new Hard Rock Hotel! We were so looking forward to this wedding because we know it’s going to be something different, something special, and we were right, it’s definitely one of the most beautiful weddings we’ve shot thus far!

Kennon’s from the US Air Force, and Mabel’s from Singapore Airlines, and God, working His miracles, brought these two lovely people together. When Mabel had her off days from flying, she met up with me together with her parents and very quickly, we got things settled. We finally met both Kennon and Mabel the day before at her parents’ place at Tanjung Tokong when they had dinner and tea ceremony, and it was such a sweet sight to see him all over her, and likewise her all over him! As you watch the highlights, you can tell how they both enjoy each other so very much :) And his American friends really enjoyed our culture, especially the “Yam Seng”! 😀 Enjoy it as much as we did! :)

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Wedding Video: Dinesh & Navanitha

Our second Indian wedding, and it’s as interesting as the first, but this one’s really personal. The reception was filled with speeches from family members, and even a performance by Dinesh’s cousins who practiced just two nights before till 3-4am! How sweet! The ceremony at the temple was beautiful as colors filled the whole place, from the bride’s dressing to even the groom’s one! Flowers of assorted colors, and smiles all around! Enjoy every moment of it!